• To remove your lash extensions first apply a small amount of oil to your finger that is safe around your eyes (coconut oil)


  • Be careful to not saturate the entire lash with oil but to keep it on the lash band where the glue was applied


  • With your pointer and thumb gently separate your natural lash from lash band, allowing the glue to become weakend by the oil applied


  • Once lashes are removed, gently remove any extra glue still attached to lash band and rest lashes in lash box fitted on lash tray


  • Fitting lashes on lash tray will allow them to keep original shape, perfect for your next slayy




Lash Application

Lash Removal

Mascara'd lashes are 100% mink fur, in lengths of 25mm & shorter

Each pair of lashes can last between 20-25 wears, even with the most dramatic looks

To obtain the full effect and life span of your lashes proper care is needed


  • To apply your lashes gently remove each lash by the lash band from each tray


  • On a clean surface apply a drop of lash glue, thats right just a drop


  • With the bottom of your tweezers (sanitized)dip into lash glue & apply glue to lash band


  • Allow glue to become tacky then even up lash band with natural lash line and stick


  • Make sure to press natural lash with lash extentions for a more seamless look




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